The Infrastructure (01.10.2013)
Any publisher wants to be sure that his advertising space is used in the best way possible and this means a good monetization of the available space and traffic and also excellent user experience. A key ingredient for reliable advertising services is having a good ifrastructure and we know this! Having just good software isn't enough for meeting the highest demands: we need also excelent servers and impecable infrastructure in general.

So, as any other serious advertising network, is built on a complex harware system that involves 2 servers, 1 main CDN and 1 backup CDN and one DNS service.

The 2 servers are based in different data centers, both located in USA, both with the best DC technology and both connected to very high speed broad bands. One of the servers is a multi core dedicated server that is the main server and all network activity is governed from it. We keep the 2nd server as a backup (we do hourly backups for the network data bases and files) and in case something major goes wrong at the main server, all activity is quickly moved on the 2nd server. The backup server is also a multicore and reliable machine.

When something goes terribly wrong with our main server, we a DNS service for a quick switch (under 1 minute) between servers. We are happy to report that since we started our activity, the backup server hasn't been used not even once! The main server did its job gracefully and it still does.

When serving tens of millions of banner impressions daily worldwide, an advertising network must use a reliable CDN provider for the best global spread and for the fastest banner downloads. Our CDN provider offers CDN edge locations on all continents except Antarctica and this leads to one of the best download times possible for the banners, anywhere in the world. As we all know, the banners that load the fastest have the highest changes in getting a hit and this also leads to a better user experience.

So, as you can see, the network is determined to invest as much as possible in the very best technology for top services! We preffer reliability rather than high profits because the wellbeing of our partners (both publisher and advertisers) is our main priority.